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KRAT is a laboratory study, born from collaboration between designers and producers operating in the field of woodworking and furnishing of interiors. It ‘sa brand new wooden furniture, produced by a small company in southern Italy, in a place where the distance from the main roads and the absence of large urban agglomerations promotes lifestyles influenced by the rural model in which the link with the environment and the natural territory determines a strong influence on the ways of thinking of the inhabitants of the small local villages.

KRAT is the Dutch name of the crates, that Gerrit Rietveld around 1930 used it to create a set of furniture. Our name is a quote and recognition of an essential thought and practice, such as that which characterizes the lifestyle of our communities.

Our items are characterized by a varied use and functional, responsive to the needs of everyday life. Their appearance is essential and is characterized by a simple elegance in accordance with their function.
For their production we choose the best construction techniques in order to obtain products of the right quality, choosing environmentally friendly materials , with respect for nature and future generations.